Welcome To ProactiveITS

At ProactiveITS, we strive to be your IT department.  Not every company can hire full time IT staff, and that’s where we come in.  We will make your printers talk to your computers, you networks work, your computers stay malware free, your data not get lost and a host of other services.  Your job is to work with your customers and ours is to make sure your technology is available to make working with your customers as painless as possible

Who IsProactiveITS

We are your IT department.  Our goals are simple.  To provide timely support for all your technology needs.
We maintain lower overhead than our competitors allowing us to do more with less.  Our promise to you is affordable IT solutions that meet your needs as a small business owner.
Be it a complete re-wire of your office or an overhaul of one or more computers or servers, let us quote the project.

Our Crazy Skills

Backup 90
IT Support 95
Malware Management 85
System Maintenance 75

Meet Our Team

Andrew Gangi
Andrew GangiOwner / Senior Technician
Andy has been working in the IT realm for the past 17 years, and has owned Proactive ITS for the majority of that time.  He has worked through several generations of hardware and software upgrades and has a wealth of experience to draw from, making him a world class troubleshooter.