Get help with your technology issue whatever it is.

Step 1:  Download and install our diagnostics software. 

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Step 2: Purchase appropriate service package.


Option 1: Repair Deposit $30.00

Select this if you aren’t sure what is wrong and you want us to diagnose and repair the problem, We will evaluate and fix the problem if possible, If it will cost more than the deposit, we will contact you to advise you of your options. You can then make a decision based on our diagnosis.

Option 2: Full System Tune and Clean $60.00

You know your system has issues and you would like us to clean it up, scan for and remove malware, optimize performance, etc. If we determine that there are more severe issues that will incur additional cost we will notify you and you can decide how to proceed.

Option 3: Extreme System Tune and Clean + Data Protection Package $120.00

This option is  for extreme infections or computers that will not even boot into windows or function in any way. It may require that you drop the system off at our drop off location to be put on our bench for recovery and cleaning. If you don’t have a current backup of your data we will back up your system using a cloud backup service that gives you 20 Gigabytes of free storage space. In the event of a severe malware infection, data loss is always a risk during system cleaning, so this will offer you the peace of mind that your data is safe.

Option 4: Annual Virus/Malware Preventative Maintenance Package + Data Protection Package $99.00

This option gives you a full year of our award winning, top choice Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware solution, our remote support and maintenance software which allows us to proactively push a variety of anti-malware scans to your system on a regular basis, monitor for hardware failures, malicious software installations and much much more! Additionally it will cover one hour of bench time or remote support with additional hours available as needed at a reduced cost. This allows you to summon our techs to help you through any problems you may have throughout the year with just a click of your mouse.


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Step 3: Create a ticket describing your problem and our techs will get to work!

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