Warning, Warning, Warning!!!


Dear Friends,

The threats to your computer, data, and online privacy have never been worse than they are today! If you value the investment you have made in your computer, your family photos, your financial data etc. please hear me out.

There are a few things you can do to safeguard your digital life, if you don’t have them in place, stop whatever you are doing online right now and protect yourself!
I will list the things I feel are most important and then go into more detail.

1. Back up your data, you can do this for free, and it can happen securely and automatically in real time without your intervention.
2. Invest in a relevant, up to date, package of software that gives you the best chance of surviving online threats, Free isn’t good enough any more, expensive doesn’t mean you are adequately protected, and things that worked last year, don’t work today.
3. It’s time to take charge of your password situation, stop being lazy, stop using the same password for everything, It is vital that you do this!
4. If you don’t have time to read up and become an expert in computer security and online safety, let someone like myself become your resource, and go to person for security and safety questions. An ever increasing part of our lives is our digital life, its time to give safeguarding your digital life the attention and importance it deserves.

The company I own and operate, Proactive IT Solutions, can give you the tools and the knowledge to protect and secure yourself. I am going to be posting on each of these topics over the next few days, so stay tuned.

If you are already experiencing unwanted popups, toolbars, fear you may have a virus, or are unsure you have adequate protection, visit our website proactiveits.net and select “Get Help Now” from the top of the page or click this link http://proactiveits.net/help/get-help-now/ follow the steps outlined and we can get you back up and running right away. Holiday Special!! Choose the Option #4 $99.00 for a full year of protection, and if you mention the Holiday Special in the request form, for a limited time we are including our Cloud Data Protection Package and Cloud Password Security Package at no additional cost. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me!

Andrew Gangi